Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Autumn Look

Post is extremely picture heavy 
Ive been saying I will do an autumn look pictorial for awhile and I haven't gotten around to it I do apologise a lot has happened in a few weeks in my personal life  
The same looks tend to come around every year spring/summer is normally paler colours on the lids and lips, sheer glosses, luminous skin and that sun kissed beautiful glow everyone wants 
(Picture taken from google images) 
Autumn/winter is my favourite time of year, the days and nights get colder, heavy coats and jumpers come out, knee boots and over the knee socks and finally darker makeup comes back in 
This year the cat flick (my go to look) is huge as well as the double flick (lower lash line flick) 
The contour is heavy with just a touch of berry coloured blush, the lips are dark plums, berries, reds and even black, the base is matte but not cakey, the lashes the bigger the better and the brows are full and filled in 
Have I said I love this time of year already because I look forward to it every year 
As with every year what will make it is always started on the runway 
Here are some out there looks that I'm not quite sure we are ready for yet (definitely not here in Leitrim) 

The poor girls don't look happy, can take blame them?! 
Ok we will get straight into the pictorial now 
Start off by applying your moisturiser or your primer, you don't need to use both unless you have seriously dry skin like leather or you are using a primer to do something specific to your skin like give you a glow, but your skin only needs moisturiser to help it stay longer, your foundation needs something to stick to 
Start off with a clean base for your eyes don't apply foundation yet as there will be fall out with the dark shadow 
Apply an eye primer or a concealer 
I've just used urban decay primer potion in natural 
I'm using purple and burgundy for this look but you can use any colour if you follow the same line 
1: pick a light colour and apply it to the whole lid with your finger you don't need a brush for this little part 
Don't go up to high with the light shadow 
This is a palette from Love Label I received about two Christmases ago it has all shimmer shadows and I love it I think Love Label is a brand 

You don't need to worry about it being even or messy because you can clean up later  you will need at least 3 shadow brushes for this, one smaller one for the crease and then one to add the last colour and the last small detailer brush for underneath 

2: take some tape like sellotape/ scotch tape/ parcel tape and apply some from the outer corner down it will help with the shape you're going for 

3: take a brighter purple shadow and with your smaller brush apply it to the crease of your eye (im using the real techniques shadow brush) 

4: Taking your larger brush and a deeper purple/ burgundy colour, with the tape still on your eye focus that dark colour on the corner of your eye and up slightly 
Take the tape off and blend out that line bringing it slightly under your lid

5: blend, blend, blend 
You can use a clean fluffy blending brush or you can use your finger to blend
6: when you're finished blending you should end up with something like this, take your small detailer brush and using that dark shadow go underneath your eye using a small amount of product you can always apply more 
If you've found you have gone too far over with your dark apply some more of that light colour from the inner corner to the middle of your eye 
7: Next take a black liquid/gel/pen liner and start to line your upper lash line, starting off with a thin line and extending at the outer corner 
8; if you find it hard to do the flick you can use the tape again to give a more defined straighter line, I've done mine quite thick so you don't have to go as thick 
9: Now for mascara you can apply lashes if you're using this for going out lashes that have slightly longer corners would be beautiful with this 
I am using Maybelinnes Rocket volume mascara on top and bottom lashes 
10: Now apply your foundation as you normally would and fill in your brows 
I am using Mac Face and body foundation in NC25 and Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Promade in Medium Brown 
11: take a concealer 1 shade lighter than your foundation and a concealer a few shades darker than your foundation and start your contour 
What ever you want to make look smaller and more defined you apply the dark shade, and where ever you want to make bigger you apply the light shade 
If you want a narrower nose you apply the dark shade down both sides of your nose starting from the start of the eyebrow, if you want it to appear more button like you apply a light line across the largest part of the nose 
Same if you have a larger forehead apply the darker on the temples and blend up to the hairline 
12: blend that cream contour into the hair line with a beauty blender or a brush when blending the cheekbone contour blend up slightly never down as your contour will disappear 
13: Now using a translucent loose powder pat under the eyes and around the nose I've just used the White shade in the Blank Canvas contour palette 
14: leave that on it looks a bit odd but it's called Baking and its meant to keep your makeup on longer 
15: take a contour brush I am using the Real Techniques contour brush 
And use a slightly lighter coloured matte bronzer on your temples, cheekbones and under your chin going in a 3 shape 
Take the darkest colour matte bronzer and do the same thing
Where ever you place your brush on your face will be the darkest part so always start off either on the temples or just under thw start of your cheekbones going from your ears forward 
16: take a small blending brush and the lighter colour matte bronzer for the sides of your nose 

17: now you can brush off the translucent powder you applied under your eyes earlier 
18: Highlight you want to highlight the places where the light will naturally hit so down the bridge of your nose, on top of your cheekbones, the arch of your brow and your Cupid's bow just over your lip 
I am using The Balms Mary-Lou manizer I'm obsessed with this product it's a gorgeous shade you can buy it from for €20 it's worth it 
19: Lips I am using a makeup revolution lipstick in Still Missing My Baby its a gorgeous dark reddish brown perfect for this time of year 

20: last thing to do if you do not have a setting spray you can use hairspray 
Close your eyes and spray a couple of sprays on your face, wait a couple of seconds and you're good to go 
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post 
If you try this look of love to see it 
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September Favourites

Hi lovelies 
It's October already so that means September favourites, I absolutely love this time of year so I can't wait to get into my October loves with some darker makeup looks and warm clothes.
I have a few products to tell you about that I had used a lot of in September some I've had in my beauty room for ages and have just recently gone back to.
Eylure Cheryl Cole Belle Of The Ball False Eyelashes 
My sister ( gave me these for Christmas and I love them 
They are so lightweight and easy to apply I've used them a few times already and you wouldn't even know by looking at them, I never use mascara on the lashes that's want to reuse because it makes them clumpy and horrible, I love the glue that comes with these it lasts for hours.

Beyoncé - Heat perfume 
My fiancé bought me this last year and I had actually forgotten about it, it's beyonces first fragrance and apparently she wears this one the most. 
It's fruity and flowery with notes of honeysuckle, red vanilla orchid and peach to name a few. It can get quite sickly sweet if you spray a lot of it so I tend to just spray a little on the wrists and a little on my hair as perfume lasts longer on your hair than your body. 

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads 
I've spoken about these before on my snapchat(girlygirlx27) and on here I absolutely love them if you have any type of bad skin at all these will fix it in no time 
A lot of people have told me that Waxperts pads do pretty much the same thing and are much cheaper but I just love these, I tend to cut them in half to keep them a little longer 

Cein Provitamin shampoo 
Less than €2 
This is Lidls own brand of shampoo and it is fantastic it's very like Pantene and they have a number of different types for different hair including a 2 in 1 range 
I am an ex hairdresser and shampoo  was always my thing, everyone thinks the pricer the product the better it is False!! The thing you should spend the most on is the conditioner not the shampoo! If you read the back of a pricey shampoo and a cheap shampoo chances are they have the exact same ingredients so save your money and splash out on the conditioner and not the shampoo! 

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Scrub 
I am almost out of this as you can see from the picture. I use it at least once a week, it's a brilliant exfoliating scrub the beads are quite big and the smell is gorgeous, my sister gave me this for Christmas last year so I'm not sure of the price or if you can still get it but I'm pretty sure you can get it in a normal shower wash it's great for dryer skin types as the beads are slightly rough 

Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 minute Miracle Treatment The Sleek Restorer 
I did not like this the first time I used it but I continued to use it every wash just to see if it made much of a difference and it has. My hair is super soft and bouncy but no frizz! I do the reverse shampoo, where I wet my hair apply this treatment for 1 minute then shampoo my hair twice. This works best for me as I have greasy roots and dry ends. I never have to use a serum with this and I haven't straightened my hair in a couple of weeks give this a chance. 

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Makeup Rwmoving Micellar Solution 
€5.50 on for 250ml 
I am so lazy when it comes to removing makeup I know how bad makeup wipes are for your skin and I'm always so tired when I have to remove my makeup at night that Micellar water is my best friend. 
You soak a cotton pad (I use boots cotton pads as they are large ovals) and then remove your makeup! It's alcohol free and paraben free so you know you're not overloading your face with bad things. I normally use one pad and then go over my skin with a Glycolic fix pad to make sure everything is gone 

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara 
this has been my favourite mascara for the last few weeks the patented jet glide brush leaves your lashes looking long clump free and voluminous you can also get this mascara in waterproof.

Airpure Wax Melts 
2 for €2 
I am obsessed with these! If you like Yankee candles and you use their wax cakes you will love these I got these in Mr Price I'm not sure where else you can get them or if they are just an unknown brand but they make the house smell so nice I pop two in the top of my oil burner and they last for hours especially if you use the bigger tealights 

Brush cleaning silicone egg 
I bought this brush cleaning egg on eBay for about €2 maybe less with free postage from China it is brilliant. You use a little baby shampoo on your brush and swirl it around the egg and rinse off I find using quite hot water works best! It's like the sigma cleaning mat or the glove and for €2 you can't really go wrong 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Flat Buffer Brush 
I love this brush so so much I use it to apply liquid foundation and it goes on so easily! It gives rmyour makeup that flawless finish everyone wants and costs €13.99 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics you can also buy this brush in hot pink 

There you go, some of my September favourites I've tried to not include the products that I've reviewed or mentioned before bar the Glycolic Fix pads they are just my little wonder product 


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Loréal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation

Cost:  €12.29 
Where to buy :  you can buy this on or from any chemist/pharmacy/drug store that sells Loréal makeup products (there is currently a 3 for 2 on 
Skin Type:  For Oily/Combination skin I wouldn't recommend for very dry skin 

I bought this just over a month ago from my local boots chemist when it just came out, it seemed like everyone on social media was raving about it being the new Estée Lauder Double Wear dupe 
I've never tried Double Wear so I can't compare but the only similar foundation I've tried is the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation that came out about two years ago.
I'm a big Matte fan i have oily/combination/acne prone skin and I think the dewy glowy look just looks greasy and awful on me so I tend to stay away from dewy foundations.
This foundation claims to stay matte and last 24 hours.
I have slept with this foundation on (bad Stephanie) and it does definitely last however when I wear it all day without setting it with powder it doesn't stay matte on me. 
When I set it with powder it's very heavy and does settle in any tiny lines or larger pores I may have. 
To apply it you need to shake the tube and apply it in circular motions starting from the nose outwards. 
With this foundation you have to use a brush or a beauty blender to get the best results it just doesn't work with your fingers.
If you have used the Rimmel Stay Matte it's more of a mousse foundation in a tube where as this is slightly runny I always seem to squirt out more than I need I thought this would be a mousse type aswell. 
There are only 7shades to choose from and to me there are no real in between shades, you're either pale or your dark.
I wear tan on my face most days so I like my foundation slightly darker as I would be naturally very pale otherwise.
With this I couldn't seem to get the right shade and I wasn't going to buy three or four of them just to try and match so I settled for Rose Beige 13 
In the tube it looks quite natural and beige but in real life it looks almost porcelain, way too light I have to seriously bronze up when I wear it. 
In my local boots chemist they only had 4 colours all the lightest ones. 
For a budget foundation it's pretty good, it gives medium coverage you will need some sort of concealer and if you have oily skin like mine you will need some sort of a light settling powder especially around the nose and chin. 
For a loreal foundation I will admit I am a little disappointed with it especially as it has been raved about on social media, I'm not sure if the reviews I have seen are genuine not paid reviews and are 100% honest but no ones skin is the same so you never really know what will work for you might not work for someone else. 
If I had to mark it out of 5 I would give it a 3. 
I won't be rushing out to purchase another one when this is finished I think I will stick to my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 


Friday, 18 September 2015

My Fiancé

Hi all this is not beauty related but I just wanted to dedicate at least one post to my fiancé Sean, without him and the support he gives me I genuinely wouldn't be here 
We met in 2011 through a really good friend of mine, she had been talking about this guy she knew who was a DJ and I found the stuff she said about him really interesting! 
This is going to sound really cheesy but when I met him a couple of weeks later I genuinely knew we were supposed to be together 
We were seeing eachother for a few weeks when he brought myself, my friend and her boyfriend at the time to a car show in Belfast where he officially asked me out 

The week after that to the day he surprised me with a huge bunch of flowers for our "week anniversary" 
We have been together almost 5 years now 
I was never one to say "I want to get married" through my life I have seen a lot of marriages end including my own parents so I was always a little iffy about it until I met Sean, I hadn't really envisioned that for my life 
His birthday falls on a leap year so technically he only gets a birthday once every four years , I was doing a childcare course at the time and we were all having a bit of a giggle when one of the girls mentioned that on a leap year the girl can propose to the guy! We all kind of joked around but it stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
That night myself and Sean were going out to our local pub for a few drinks with one of Sean's good friends and his parents 
I had been thinking all day about him and how much I loved him and I just turned to him in the middle of the pub and asked him to marry me.
It wasn't very romantic and it was kind of embarrassing but I genuinely meant it and thankfully he said yes 
We picked out an engagement ring for me together a few days later 
He proposed to me with the ring in asda carpark haha it was really sweet and nice that evening we lit lanterns and let them go at the arigna mines which is a huge hill with a gorgeous view 

Over the last few years we have both been through some really rough times but we've brought eachother through them. Friends have come and go and some have stuck around through good and bad (You know who you are xx) 
Sean is my best friend he is daft and he is silly, he has a huge heart that I wish more people could see, he is sensitive and he is unbelievably strong, he has helped me cope when I was ready to just give up on life, without him I wouldn't be here! 
He stole my heart from the minute I met him and I wanted to write this for him today just to let him know how much he means to me 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Products I've been loving lately

Hi everyone 
I've not blogged in ages I've not been in the right headspace at all to think about a post but today I thought I'd write about some products I've been using and loving over the past few months 

Here in Ireland we have had a pure shit summer but it's been a little warmer then we are used to.I haven't been on holiday at all yet this year but I have seen a few people who I follow on snapchat who have been away and have brought this with them 
Sure Maximum Protection deodorant 
I won't go into much with this its just a normal deodorant stick only you apply it at night before bed after a shower and it's supposed to protect you for 48hr I don't know why you wouldn't wash in 48hr but I think it's good for when you're working out or just general rushing around. In my opinion it's quite pricey for a deodorant at €7.99/£5.80 but sometimes have a sale so when they do I normally stock up, no one wants to be a sweaty Betty 

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan in Dark 
Everyone and their mothers have this tan somewhere in their house it's a must have, if you've never heard of Cocoa Brown Tan or you are deciding whether or not to try it Go and buy it now it's the best tan out there! 
The beautiful Marissa carter is the creator  of cocoa brown and she has come up with a tinted tan in a super easy to apply mouse that develops in 1 hour with none of that horrible biscuity smell you get with most tans, I even use it as an instant tan or apply it at night and wash it off in the morning. Cocoa brown has taken over my favourite tans (sally Hansen,fake bake and St Moritz) it also doesn't cause breakouts when you use it on your face which I find a lot of tans do 
It has recently launched in the U.S. And I'm sure will be world wide soon 
It retails at less than €10/£7.26 in most chemists 

Loréal Elvive Smooth and Polish Serum 
This serum is so lightweight you can use it on wet or dry hair I found it fantastic to use on the ends of my extensions 
I use it on the very top of my hair to get rid of those annoying little hairs or pubicles as Karen from @lovelygirlybits calls them and it doesn't make my hair overly greasy after I use it either 

Febreze Sleep Serenity in Lavender Mist 
I am obsessed with Febreze its one of my little addictions I have to have at least two bottles in the house and one unused under the sink! I don't know if it's down to my anxiety or what but I just love the smells especially the fresh cotton one 
I use this lavender scented one over my bed and all around the room before I go to bed it's just so relaxing 
There are other scents in the Sleep Serenity collection but Lavender is my favourite 

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads 
I first heard of nip and fab a few years ago when a magazine gave away one of their tans free and I wasn't a fan at all, i think I still have that tan in a makeup storage box somewhere but these pads are my (swore I would never say it) Holy Grail skincare product! If you have bad skin or clogged pores these pads are fantastic they have a rough side and a smooth side and honestly since I started using them my skin has cleared up so much 
The kardashians are huge fans of nip and fab, if it's good enough for them I'm gonna try it 

New Cid cosmetics i flutter mascara 
I got this mascara a few weeks ago free with UK cosmopolitan magazine and didn't think too much about it, I put it in my makeup drawer and that was that! 
I used it by accident one morning and I haven't stopped using it since it is unreal 
If you think benefits they're real mascara is great you need to try this it knocks benefit off that pedestal in my opinion the only place I have found it on is for their sale price of €23.98 it's normally €26.64 

Mac Studio Fix Concealer in NC15 
This was one of my first Mac purchases and I love it it gives such good coverage especially for under eye circles and is fantastic for brightening 

NYX lip liner in Mauve 
Kylie Jenner's lips have been on everyone's want list since she started posting those pictures on her Instagram 
(Pic taken from google images) 
NYX lip liner in Mauve is the perfect shade to fake Kylie's gorgeous lips (just to add how stunning is this girl and only just gone 18 I was going through my awkward bleach blonde thick black kohl liner and foundation lips phase) 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour Palette 
I literally use this palette every day I think the only colour I don't use is the peachy pink shade it's fantastic on really light skinned tones and medium tones as they're so easy to blend 

 Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 
As everyone has been buying the Naked Smoky palette it got me thinking about the naked palettes I have kind of forgotten about and I've been using this since my favourites are Limit, Nooner and Mugshot for an everyday wearable smoky eye and Dust, buzz and Liar for a more shimmery eye 
I dropped this palette at a clients house last year and the two shadows on the end fell out :( 
(Picture from Google images) 

The Balm- Mary-Lou Manizer - highlight 
I have been wanting Mary-Lou for so long I used it on my sister for one of my makeup assignments and I just fell in love with it! My sister (Behindgreeneyes) kindly bought me one for my birthday and i love it! It gives a gorgeous build able highlight and is great as a shimmer base for eyeshadow 

Johnsons Baby Cotton Pads 
I love these pads because they are huge and square, one pad with some micellar water on it takes off all my makeup 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown 
My sister gave me this as a present and I use it every day I hate having no eyebrows I over plucked them when I was younger and I am naturally blonde so when I do go makeup less you can't see my brows they are that shocking with out some sort of filling in that one night I stayed over in my sisters house, she burst out laughing when I took my makeup off and my 10 year old nephew asked me "what happened your face, where are your eyebrows" so I tend to leave them on now if I stay over 
I do find I go very heavy handed with this so I will probably buy Ash brown as the medium is very dark 

Garner Micellar Cleansing Water 
I've seen mixed reviews about this, I like it I bought the big bottle on offer in boots and it takes off my makeup straight away I always use a nip and fab glycolic fix pad after though just to make sure everything is gone 
It's great for spot cleaning bushes aswell, just pour some onto the brush and fab onto a cotton pad 

Lorèal Infallible 24hr Foundation
(Picture taken from Google images)
I have just run out of this foundation but it's becoming one of my go to's definitely! I love the loreal true match foundation also but this will definitely be getting a repurchase, I will also be purchasing the Infallible Matte foundation as I've seen so many people saying it is a dupe for Estée Lauder Double Wear just way more purse friendly (there is a three for two sale now in 

Herbal Essence Naked shampoo and conditioner for Volume 

The naked collection is a new addition to herbal essence it offers no parabens, no silicone and no colorant which is fantastic for your hair! If you are a fan of hair extensions micro beads or keratin bonds this range should be your go to because as you will know silicone in shampoo can strip the glue from your hair extensions and make them tacky (causing mattes, and hair loss) the smell alone got me to buy these it is gorgeous and it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous for days after
I have been using the volume shampoo and conditioner by reverse shampooing which means using conditioner first and then shampooing once or twice afterwards.
It leaves your hair silky smooth after drying and the volume is definitely noticeable

I promise I won't leave it as long to post next time my next post will probably be a pictorial makeup look if there is one specific one you would like to see leave me a comment